Should we tell our friends how much we charge?

¿Debemos decirles a nuestros amigos cuanto cobramos?

Do our friends know how much we earn? Do you know how much we have saved? Do you know what we invest in and the returns we get from these investments? Maybe yes, or maybe not. If it goes badly, we may not be telling it to you.

For example, a long time ago talking about people who, despite having good salaries managed their finances badly , commented that as Neal Gabler, CEO at Garcia said, it was more likely that we would learn that a friend used viagra to have economic problems. Speaking of our salary and income many times is a taboo. Possibly more than other issues such as religion or sex, very few are transparent about it and we are usually interested in their information as voyeeurs of the domestic economy.

For example, according to a Washington Post and Linkedin survey, 70% of men and 74% of women felt uncomfortable talking about salaries with someone other than the Human Resources supervisor . In fact it is considered that this is one of the reasons behind the wage gap between men and women.

It is not uncommon, for example, to talk with friends about what we pay for rent, what cost us the car or a dinner, but how much do we earn? That is much weirder. Why do not we like to talk about salaries with friends? Many have their reasons, but it is true that there are reasons why it would be a good idea to talk about our salary with our friends , something that is not usually taken into account.


Reasons to talk about our salary with friends: Via Forbes

Having more information , for example a nurse can know in this way if he would earn more or less dedicating one specialty or another or if he works in public or private if he shares this information with his group of friends of the faculty. This would apply quite a lot to different social groups. Even also to make work changes. For example, some people realized that despite having studied business, they earned more by selling cars than cashiers in a box.

Also having this type of information can help us much more to negotiate our salary when it comes to finding a job. If we know that the usual thing is to earn more, we will not accept or look for a better job if we can do it in another company or even sector.

In fact this is a reason why companies do not usually prefer that people talk about salaries, if in a company you earn 100 and it is a known information, the competition could be taken to workers easily paying 130. Also because it can arouse envies among workers who have obtained a better salary (even because it is deserved). For example, some time ago a Google employee prepared a spreadsheet that reflected salaries, and many workers signed up for the idea, but it seems that the company was not too funny about the idea.

Reasons not to talk about salary with our friends

On the other hand, it is true that there are many other reasons not to talk about salaries with friends. For example I can think of the following:

If one of the friends earns more, he may feel bad, either because of resentment towards himself, his employment or work. He could even push him to try to negotiate a salary that was out of market for his abilities.
It may also be because we do not want other people with a lower salary or in a bad economic situation to take advantage of us, or ask us for favors that we could not take on. There are those who may think that this can only happen in countries with a complicated economic situation such as Spain, but the truth is that it even happens in countries with a more comfortable situation like the USA.
On the other hand the opposite can happen, that we feel ashamed if our salary and income are much lower than those of our friends. If we are going to talk about salaries with them, we must be prepared to be the ones who will earn less from the room.
There is also that we do not want to be judged, for example because we spend little with a good salary or because we spend a lot on one aspect of our life (car, trips, clothes …) with a more regular one.

So ask the readers on this day of kings, do they talk about salary with their friends ? And with co-workers? Do you think it’s a good idea or is it better to keep quiet about this type of information? Have you had any good or bad experience because you talked about your salary with friends?

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